Whats the turnaround time?

For our customisable products we aim to manufacture and ship our products in just 3 business days. We will contact you with updates if this changes.

Our service can turn prototypes and products round for our customers and shipping in as little as the same day.

Our pricing plans are adjusted on your requested lead times.

How are the products personalised?

Our products can be directly customised in the product page in our or large business orders can be sent to us in a spreadsheet.

This data is then converted into 3D files and manufactured uniquely for each order.

I don't have the expertise to design but only sell?

We can offer a comprehensive and low cost design service to get your products off the ground and into your hands.

What's your environmental impact?

We only manufacture with additive processes which means their is no wasted material, energy, transportation or processes to minimise our carbon footprint.

Furthermore, we only utilise recyclable and sustainable sourced plastic for our products.

How do I partner with Moprinto?

Each customer is unique with unique requirements.

Whether you have a product that you would like to be fulfilled by us or only an idea we can help.

Once we collaboratively verify the final product, packaging and lead time we will have an on demand, JiT manufacturing contract which will be invoiced monthly.