What are 'Smart' NFC Keychains?

What are 'Smart' NFC Keychains?

Moprinto's use of 3D printers for mass production manufacturing enables us to embed NFC (Near Field Communication) chips in all of our products which offers unique marketing opportunities to our customers from just a tap. 

The 5 most common uses our NFC embedded products are used for are:

  1. Enhancing Customer Engagement: NFC-enabled merchandise can provide an interactive and engaging experience for customers. Customers can tap their smartphones to access additional information about the product, such as product details, user reviews, videos, or instructions, right at the point of purchase.

  2. Personalizing Marketing and Promotions: NFC chips can be used to deliver personalized marketing messages or promotions to customers when they interact with merchandise. For example, tapping an NFC-enabled clothing tag might offer a discount code or recommend related products.

  3. Convenience: NFC technology simplifies tasks for customers. For instance, an NFC chip in a product could allow customers to quickly reorder the same item, access warranty information, or schedule maintenance.

  4. Payment and Loyalty Programs: In some cases, NFC chips can be used for contactless payments. Additionally, customers can tap their merchandise to join loyalty programs, earn rewards, or redeem discounts.

  5. Data Collection: Businesses can collect valuable data on customer interactions with merchandise through NFC technology. This data can be used to better understand customer preferences and behaviors, leading to improved product offerings and marketing strategies.

Overall, using NFC chips in merchandise can enhance your customers satisfaction, and open up new opportunities for marketing and engagement. It allows our business customers to offer more than just a physical product; they can provide a digitally enriched experience that adds value to both the product and the customer.

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